Digital experiences are paramount in the world of fashion. Levis created a virtual showroom for their retail customers to see the latest product. But this was not any normal virtual showroom, this was an immersive “blueprint house” with 360 video and real time video chat in every room. Zipcan made it possible for merchandisers to chat live with the retailers.
Zipcan is something that you gotta see. It is so easy and fun. It helps people get out of their digital mind and connect while in a website environment.
Mike Mecham, Sr. Manager Events
Levi Strauss & Co. sees value in making connections, so they decided to offer immediate video chat within their community. They are using Zipcan dynamic rooms to create a private video chat for every connection within their platform. Even better, embedded video chat is monetized as a premium feature after your first 3 calls!
We want people to stay in the platform as much as possible, then utilize the features as much as possible. Zipcan really helps with that.
Stephen Price, CEO
CoFoundersLab is an innovator in sports memorabilia but they were looking to expand to digital experiences. Signathon now offers paid 1-1 video chat sessions with athletes. Fans come to the website where they have integrated Zipcan waiting rooms so athletes can chat with 100’s of fans, one after another!
Zipcan made it clear how we could leverage the momentum in video conferencing to add a new service offering and drive new revenue in our business. The Zipcan team is professional and passionate. They want your business to succeed and are always willing to lend a helping hand to get you there.
Lauren Cecchi, Co-founder
Dispatch Justice has created help on demand for the most high pressure situations. During a routine traffic stop that you never want to escalate to anything more, consumers can open Dispatch Justice and start a video call. This immediately starts recording and notifies a lawyer to join. DJ uses Zipcan dynamic rooms to create a private call for each client to lawyer connection.
When we started looking at tools, everything was going to have to be custom built. I stumbled onto Zipcan on Product Hunt and it was a happy medium. Zipcan’s no-code approach allowed us to get to market so much faster.
John S. McCarley, Co-Founder and Chief Nerd
Dispatch Justice is a leader in hybrid events. For the virtual audience the discussion often gets missed. They are using Zipcan to embed virtual breakout rooms next to the live broadcast. Using Zipcan dynamic rooms they can create groups of ~10 people all watching the main event, but in their own watch party room. When the main show goes to intermission, the smaller group can discuss the content from the main stage.
I was really surprised (and pleased) how easy it was to configure and theme Zipcan so it matches our application. Then the dynamic rooms feature made it scale. Zipcan advanced our app much faster and took out the headache of building with a video chat API.
Jonathan Pierce, Co-founder
Evnts Group