Empower your site
with video chat

Zipcan is the fastest way to enable video chat
inside your website or application.

Zipcan - Add video chat inside your website or application in seconds | Product Hunt

Save your time, 
and your <code>.

Video chat doesn’t have to be hard to implement,
so we made it as easy as copy & paste.

Embed Video

Just copy + paste the code into your site to unlock native video chat in context with your content.

Enable daily

Stop sending your users elsewhere to chat.
Bring the conversation to them, in context with your content.

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Service your

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Connect to
sales leads

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with users

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Connect your

From novice 
to expert.

We’ve made Zipcan delightfully easy to use
with all skill levels in mind.

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Individuals and

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Site owners and
content managers

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Developers and
platform managers