Advance your product with video chat.

Grow revenue by adding customizable video chat natively to your product in less than 5 minutes.

Zipcan made it clear how we could leverage the momentum in video conferencing to add a new service offering and drive new revenue in our business.

Conversations beyond meetings.

Companies are constantly finding new and exciting ways to
monetize on their products with video chat.

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Service your

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Host virtual

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with users

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Connect your

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Custom Video Spaces.

With full configurability, you can create the video chat
experience you want.

Adjust the chat with a number of different settings.
Be creative and match the appearance with your brand.
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We made enabling video chat as easy as copy + paste.

Save your time, 
and your <code>.

Video chat doesn’t have to be hard to implement. Zipcan works with most platforms and frameworks.

Just configure, embed, and launch!


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What people are saying
about Zipcan.

They did what Zoom should have done: allowed us to turn a URL into our phone number.
Andrew Warner
David Ryan
Too many video products drown their users under watermarks and conflicting use cases. This is just so... obvious and simple... I can't wait to see it everywhere.
David Ryan
Jimmy Douglas
I was immediately impressed by Zipcan the first time I used it. Love how it’s implementation reminded me of Stripe.
Jimmy Douglas
Miles Romney, eVisit
There is a lot of opportunity to create new product experiences using quick video chat for customers. Tools like Zoom and Google Meet don't work when you want customers to engage in context. Zipcan's great expertise helped us get a new product to market faster, and saved on engineering time.
Miles Romney, eVisit
Arturs Mednis
Zipcan looks like the best tool to use for an agency like ours!!!! I will be glad to switch form Whereby to Zipcan!!!!
Arturs Mednis